Every airport in the world must have its own surveillance system.

Video Surveillance Systems are used in many countries, airports, ports and terminals and represent a “must have” technology advance. UltraIP Security Platform Software provides airports with safety and security by recording, analyzing and saving events considered prohibited or unwanted. Among these ones we may find unauthorized entry into sensitive areas, unattended or abandoned baggage and suspicious people.

Training courses consist of a wide range of topics: design and system engineering entailing different complexity levels, system capacity, system integration, intelligent video, basic system programming, advanced VMS programming, customized solutions that satisfy client’s needs, among others.

This advanced option prevents and detects incidents before they turn into security breaches and infringe on the safety of passengers and staff and send on-the-spot notifications to the police force or any other entity in charge of acting in these situations.

Our security based solution spots events and suspects faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Operators may monitor hundreds or thousands of devices from IP, analog and ANPR cameras to access controllers, and grow systems to any size with any number of devices and modules.

By unifying the common aspects of security operations such as the configuration, monitoring, recording, alarm management, reporting and auditing of systems in a unique platform, operators become more productive and efficient and, and this way operational costs are reduced. This allows them getting a complete view of what is happening throughout their entire operations without having to switch between applications.

UltraIP Security Platform Software lets users build a unified security system just how they want it, adding cameras and servers according to specific needs and likes. This state-of-the-art software is pioneer in the field of security systems solutions and the first option for people concerned with security.