In banking entities it is essential to set up video channels to make the environment more secure and protect employees and clients.

Banking and finance operations require empowered video surveillance solutions, with the ability to protect areas and record individual transactions in retail banking operations. It is essential to identify individuals and produce video trails in order to secure the banking environment, employees and clients. One of the biggest challenges of banks is offering safe operations of ATM networks and tackling ATM fraud. It is essential that the surveillance system in these places can manage incidents, gather video evidence and enhance coordination with law enforcement officers.

UltraIP Security Platform Software is a video security solution providing users with ATM networks and integrating different modules, such as Face Recognition, Image Content Navigation and Video Analytics. It notifies operators as soon as something unusual occurs, so that they can find out information about it and react accordingly.

This surveillance system helps in reducing cases of fraud and vandalism by watching for signs of suspicious behavior.

In addition, this platform sends video and other signals over communication channels. Among its features, we find that it combines any and all security applications, systems and devices into a single environment, and increases the value and power of any IT infrastructure. It is simple and flexible as its architecture is easy to install, use and manage, and requires minimal training and support. UltraIP Video Monitoring System is highly scalable and modular. It is not difficult to upgrade and expand the system if the operator needs it.

By unifying the common features of security operations such as the configuration, monitoring, recording, alarm management, reporting and auditing of systems in a unique platform, operators become more productive and efficient and, this way, operational costs are reduced. This allows them getting a complete view of what is happening throughout their entire operations without having to switch between applications.

UltraIP Security Platform Software lets users build a unified security system just how they want it, adding cameras and servers according to specific needs and likes. This state-of-the-art software is pioneer in the field of security systems solutions and the first option for people concerned with security.