Many gaming situations require recording to be defined

UltraIP Security Platform Software finds solutions to monitoring and following events in real-time in a casino or in any other gaming environment. Security personnel needs to solve problems straightaway – from verifying the position of poker chips on a gaming table to controlling the way gamers act and behave.

This highly technological software uses the most intuitive user-friendly interface and offers instant access to tools that help you improve the service provided to customers by securing the proper management of every operation. Users can rest assured on the software features as these ones ensure the highest percentages of system availability and at the same time, preserve video and access to data even when system failures occur.

This system integrates with Video Analytics, Access Control, License Plate Recognition, Points of Sale and alarms in order to detect events which need extreme attention.

By unifying the common aspects of security operations such as the configuration, monitoring, recording, alarm management, reporting and auditing of systems in a unique platform, operators become more productive and efficient and, and this way operational costs are reduced. This allows them getting a complete view of what is happening throughout their entire operations without having to switch between applications.

UltraIP Security Platform Software lets users build a unified security system just how they want it, adding cameras and servers according to specific needs and likes. This state-of- the- art software is pioneer in the field of security systems solutions and the first option for people concerned with security.