Schools and universities need efficient scalable surveillance systems.

UltraIP Security Platform Software provides a high scalability, user-friendly interfaces, and the capacity to integrate with other security management systems. College and university managers have the duty of taking care of their students, the staff working at the institutions and valuable properties so the aim is to provide a surrounding where students feel safe and protected. Dangerous incidents as well as vandalism and the theft of equipment are a challenge for security in educational environments.

Naturally, educational establishments are keen to be able to manage their surveillance infrastructure and their site as efficiently as possible. UltraIP combines the highest quality in video surveillance and security with a comprehensive event management platform, which proactively detects activity at residence halls entrances, parking lots and alleys between buildings, and automatically alerts relevant school personnel. Beyond security, UltraIP Security Platform Software high-quality video can help optimize school operation. In case of a maintenance problem, video can allow the central office to identify and observe the problem remotely before sending staff.

Administrators can monitor live and recorded video, use the intuitive user interface and advanced display and search facilities, allowing multiple cameras to be easily monitored and with maximized efficiency. Once an event is detected, an alarm will be triggered to allow a faster incident response.

IP cameras can be analyzed in real-time and video is configured in determined frame rates.

By unifying the common aspects of security operations such as the configuration, monitoring, recording, alarm management, reporting and auditing of systems in a unique platform, operators become more productive and efficient and, and this way operational costs are reduced. This allows them getting a complete view of what is happening throughout their entire operations without having to switch between applications.

UltraIP Security Platform Software lets users build a unified security system just how they want it, adding cameras and servers according to specific needs and likes. This state-of- the- art software is pioneer in the field of security systems solutions and the first option for people concerned with security.