It is critical to identify suspicious people in security applications.

Government facilities are often spread across wide geographical areas with multiple buildings and sites that require the very highest security. They employ many thousands of people and they need to prevent the normal threats of theft, vandalism and fraud. Identification of suspects in homeland security applications is vitally important. The high definition empowered security features of the software can provide excellent detail for face and license plate recognition and record evidential quality video for analysis and future investigation.

UltraIP Security Platform Software is deployed to assist governmental forces in providing public safety along with improving the image of their cities, thereby facilitating the economic and cultural development of their countries as a whole. Having all the necessary information about what is happening is a very important and basic fact to consider at the moment of thinking about installing a video surveillance system to safeguard cities and manage multiple indispensable sites such as fire stations, police stations, patrols and rescue aids. UltraIP Security Platform Software is a real-time centralized system and effectively manages alarms and reporting tools.

A plus is added with the use of Video Walls which enable a wider sight of video channels, timelines and important information.

This software has multiple site surveillance working under LAN or WAN for data safety and to optimize storage. The redundant characteristics and the failover feature provide high availability thanks to a backup server which can take over the server in use if it goes down. As for storage, it is possible to store all the recordings in different mode selections.

The majority of installations governments have are constantly expanding their restrictions. Other principles to bear in mind include designing products that are simple to install, maintain, and do not require special training. To sum up, UltraIP provides solutions with a completely stable user friendly GUI. These benefits mostly entail the improvement in the way monitoring operates and in the efficient organization they entail.

With high experience and expertise in public safety applications and video management software, UltraIP has installed a wide number of IP cameras in municipalities and government facilities. Monitoring public buildings, border crossings and patrols remotely lowers operating costs. Improved security is achieved through a unique system with added modules such as Video Wall, Image Content Navigation, Maps, among others.

UltraIP Security Platform Software integrates with many third-party systems such as UltraIP ANPR, Access Control, Video Analytics and Face Recognition, among others. This way, nothing will escape from the reach of UltraIP Security Platform Software.