UltraIP offers security solutions to optimize public transport services.

UltraIP Security Platform Software offers management for the transportation market. It supports the video analytics feature ranging from people counting to tailgating; this feature is associated to 10 different instant responses. Plus, the I/O devices, and the LPR and access control systems via the 3rd Party Integration features, are also available. By deploying this surveillance solution, it's natural to keep the employees aware and more honest, resulting in a higher profit overall.

The solutions ensure that security guards have the best view of the action with multiple camera angles via the duplication of the camera in one user-friendly interface. In more complex transportation environments, it combines 10 cameras to form a single view and provides on the spot alerts.

Expansive geography and large camera counts at airports, highways, seaports, and bus and rail stations, have created a need for new, proactive approaches to IP video surveillance.

This device meets these challenges with an easy to use, events-based video surveillance and security software system that provides targeted alerts to personnel. It is designed to anticipate potential threats and improve response time.

Automatically recognize and log license plates – even on moving vehicles. Intelligent traffic detectors relay data in real-time, so you can respond quickly and avoid problems. Interacts with traffic lights, barriers and other roadway and/or transportation system devices. Suitable for parking lot and public or commercial transportation monitoring and security. Easy integration with your existing hardware and software – even legacy systems.

By unifying the common aspects of security operations such as the configuration, monitoring, recording, alarm management, reporting and auditing of systems in a unique platform, operators become more productive and efficient and, and this way operational costs are reduced. This allows them getting a complete view of what is happening throughout their entire operations without having to switch between applications.

UltraIP Security Platform Software lets users build a unified security system just how they want it, adding cameras and servers according to specific needs and likes. This state-of- the- art software is pioneer in the field of security systems solutions and the first option for people concerned with security.