UltraIP ANPR processes license plates automatically through custom-made electronic systems

The management and license number plate recognition software UltraIP ANPR uses videos from any camera, making it possible to automatically detect number plates resorting to video security system infrastructure. UltraIP ANPR central server receives information from detection devices and administers it in a centralized way.

UltraIP ANPR stores images captured by cameras as well as additional information from the license plate. In addition, it supports images with varied degrees of lightning. By incorporating advanced video processing and computer vision capabilities, UltraIP ANPR enhances verification and classification.


  • > Cameras on vehicles.
  • > Mobile cameras.
  • > Fixed cameras.
  • > Integration with UltraIP VMS cameras.

Components in the solution:

Capture point:

  • > On-the-spot license recognition.
  • > License verification on a blacklist and whitelist reference.
  • > Georeference.
  • > No need of operator intervention.
  • > Auditing every action.
  • > List updating and online information sending.

Central Server:

  • > Information acquisition from mobile or fixed capture points and video management system.
  • > Audit and statistics of captures.
  • > Historical and geographical enquiries about captures.
  • > Historical inquiries comparing multiple databases.
  • > Friendly web management interface.
  • > Possibility of integration with third party OCR engines.