UltraIP is integrated with effective tools that provide greater efficiency in security operations.

UltraIP allows integration with other software such as VIDEO ANALYTICS, FACE RECOGNITION, ACCESS CONTROL, OPC, among many others. The characteristics and features of these integrations will be described below:

Video Analytics

UltraIP Video Analytics has the ability to count people entering different places –either individually or in groups- and generate virtual doors in confined spaces for people and objects that may or may not cross certain areas.

Its powerful video analytics allows more efficient and smart monitoring and helps operators get a better accident monitoring for quick solution of events.

You can configure UltraIP to trigger specific alarms after an event is found –for instance, a person trespassing on private property- and send notifications, snapshots or video clips by email. You can generate reports and statistics of every event in the system.

Thanks to its outstanding technology, UltraIP Video Analytics has several advantages, such as reliability and accuracy for detecting and tracking objects, easy installation and management, effective solutions to your enquiries and free support from our expert panel.

This system also captures faces and files them in a database for further research and it prevents loitering as it controls flows in virtual areas during set times. An alarm is also triggered when the camera is attacked or tampered or if virtual barriers are exceeded.

Alarms can also be triggered from a configurable speed of objects in the scene or in the event of stopped objects. The control allows alarms to be generated in possible scenarios: objects that come into a virtual area, objects that leave a virtual area, objects that appear within a virtual area and objects that disappear within a virtual area. Cameras can filter by object and in this way; provide a pre-registration of objects detected by size and speed.

Thanks to records, you can search for each event generated in the video analysis module. In investigation and reporting of events, you can set advanced filters for Day/Time, Camera, Areas, Types of Events and Objects. UltraIP Video Analytics allows live monitoring to display the following options: configuration of areas and virtual lines, area display in meter or measurements of objects, movement location, sorting and displaying objects by height and speed and bars display with current indexes results.

Face Recognition

Face recognition module helps identify people regardless of characteristics such as hairstyle, facial orientation angles, hats, sunglasses or different backgrounds. This way of identifying people is noninvasive and is based on biometric data.

This is a computer application for identifying or verifying a person or a video frame from a source automatically. One way is by comparing selected facial features with facial database.

Face recognition module generates a facial database of all the faces captured by video cameras and allows tracking similar faces in the database. It is used in public places, educational institutions, hospitals, airports, stadiums, control zones of border crossings, prisons, critical infrastructure and military sites, among others. This module integrates easily with other systems – including Access Control systems- and is compatible with different databases.

In addition, it sends notifications when recognizing people or identifying matches, and has automatic synchronization with other databases. The operator receives all the information asked and gives notice to respective authorities.

Access Control

UltraIP provides a range of fully integrated solutions with video records, audios and, license plate, smart card and biometric readings.

Controlled by computer systems that release turnstiles and regulate opening of doors, these solutions define entrance authorization levels, issue alarms and provide statistics.

UltraIP Access Control controls the entry of any place you want to keep safe. This system offers various options such as recording videos of monitored sites, search for archived video or data visualization of Access Control systems from multiple sites.

This system is compatible with many other systems and has the ability of being scalable. You can preset user access and customize your ID cards.

In each event, there are more than ten answers and you can search through keyboard to find the desired event in a complete and varied database.


OPC server is a data source and any OPC-based application can access that server to read/write any variable that provides the server. It is an open and flexible solution to the classic problem of proprietary drivers. OPC is considered a worldwide standard interface application in software automation industry and in corporate systems. Interoperability through the creation and maintenance of systems of open standards specification is ensured.

The OPC server is a software application that provides real-time data of PLC (programmable logic controllers), DCS (distributed control systems) and other control devices such as HMI (user interfaces) and other OPC clients. The OPC client is data consumer. Usually it is a visualization application or database that provides or uses data from OPC servers provided by OPC.