UltraIP VMS is a software platform designed to integrate and manage video security systems.

The data management software for video monitoring, UltraIP VMS, is considered a flagship in the field due to its power, its working capacity and for being user friendly in corporative solutions. Nothing or nobody will be far enough so as not to be adequately monitored in real time by UltraIP VMS.

Its technological conception positions it in a favorable place in comparison to its competitors. One of its outstanding characteristics is being highly scalable; this way it will never lack devices, it will never be undersized and it will never lack the capacity to manage any network even under a constant growing process.

This management software is versatile and has a limitless capacity to interact with multiple additional systems. Thanks to being user friendly, it has an easy and intuitive operation. In addition, UltraIP VMS robust server-client architecture has the following outstanding characteristics:

High Availability

  • > Ensures access to all live and archived camera feeds.
  • > Turns to failover and redundancy automatically switching to a redundant or standby computer server, system, hardware component or network upon the failure or abnormal termination of the previously active application.
  • > Solves different inconveniences using varied methods.


  • > Simultaneous remote view of a limitless number of remote sites operated from a single Control Center or either from several control centers.
  • > Bandwidth settings applied by the user per remote site.
  • > Remote access to every module connected to systems.
  • > Complete video management by user.
  • > Recording multiple sites and search by time, date and alarm triggered by events.

Maps Module 2.5D

  • > Extendable maps with navigation between X/Y axes, bounded to hyperlinks with the previsualized image.
  • > Pre configuration of customized visualization and embedded map videos visualization.
  • > Extendable map allows selecting visualization from the main Control Center or it can be removed to be visualized in any connected workplace.
  • > Pre configuration buttons which provide instant access to customized views of maps selection with zoom level predefined on a 20-level-scale.
  • > Backwards and forwards buttons allowing fast navigation among previously visualized maps.
  • > Orientation panel provides a miniature general vision of the whole map with zoom level and position and location of cameras.

Web Client

  • > Allows Video Surveillance management from any part of the world no matter Internet connection limits.
  • > Provides access to live or recorded video streaming and a constant PTZ cameras control.
  • > Supports multiple users with authorization to remote access provided by system administrator.
  • > Transcodification engine designed to work with any bandwidth according to video channel importance.

Video Wall

  • > Allows displaying a limitless number of video channels from different locations in screens of wide dimension.
  • > Enables to centralize management, organize layout of displays and select channels from multiple independent systems.
  • > User can configure Video Walls in a scalable manner using any HD monitor; and multiple Video Walls can be connected to VMS UltraIP as well.
  • > Monitors allow deploying a variety of information: text, live video, recorded video, maps and plans, alarm status, routing channels for specific cameras or predefined custom layouts, information of UltraIP ANPR or third party information such as Access Control or Face Recognition.

Software Development Kit

  • > Allows users to integrate system management, set resource planning systems and intruder detection systems, and customize commercial applications.
  • > Integrates new services and applications in other software products to direct specific images and videos and search for needed information.
  • > Allows synchronizing information between UltraIP and other systems; and using every other functions of this engine in its development.
  • > Integration with Facial Recognition, Access Control, Video Analytics, ANPR and other third party engines.

Image Content Navigation

  • > Allows easy handling of large video surveillance systems.
  • > Eliminates the need of remembering location, numbers or names of cameras.
  • > Reduces post investigation time.
  • > Supports tracking multiple objects; it divides searching process into different visualizations.
  • > Assigned to any number of channels.

Compatibility with Multiple Video Sources

  • > UltraIP VMS architecture allows adding, improving and combining components from various manufacturers.
  • > Integrates sources or standard devices of the market such as RSTP and ONVIF®.

Integration with Third Party Software

  • > Centralized visualization of different monitoring centers.
  • > Video Analytics based on devices and servers.
  • > Support for physical and virtual input/output devices.
  • > Management and generation of events based on alarms.
  • > Communication with third party applications through web services.
  • > Integration with UltraIP ANPR.