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UltraIP® is a company focused on providing intelligent and innovative technology solutions. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art devices and cutting-edge platforms, UltraIP® has positioned itself as one of the most reliable and sought-after providers in the industry.

Due to the added value of our products, UltraIP® has provided hardware and software of its own design to different long range projects throughout Argentina. These devices work 24 hours a day in critical situations, thanks to the quality and effort of UltraIP® to provide a quality service.

UltraIP® provides public safety in cities and towns. The solutions offered by UltraIP are based on IP cameras and encoders, and provide the user with a clear view of every action as it happens within the district or around its boundaries. It helps operators to act faster and deal with incidents on the spot. This amazing solution saves time, reduces costs per employee and protects valuable information. Demonstrations, festivals and sporting events also require flexible surveillance solutions.

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The open forum, ONVIF, is an industry forum that facilitates the development of a global standard for interfacing IP video products.

ONVIF is committed to adopting video networking in the security market.. Sus requisitos garantizarán la interoperabilidad entre productos de redes de video independientemente de los proveedores. Se encuentra abierto a los fabricantes, desarrolladores de software, consultores, integradores de sistemas, usuarios finales y otros grupos que deseen participar de las actividades organizadas por esta empresa.

In addition, its specifications delineate a common protocol for the exchange of information between IP video devices including automatic device discovery, video streaming and intelligent metadata.

The fundamentals of ONVIF are the are the standardization of communication between video network devices, interoperability between video products regardless of manufacturer and the fact that it is open to every company and organization.

VMware, Inc. provides virtualization software. Whether it's an appliance intended to be a platform for accrediting software, a commercial product or a demo that can be easily activated to highlight the product after acquiring an appropriate license, VMware partners develop virtual machines that are ready to run and easy for customers to download and use.

By installing a VMware Ready product on a qualified virtual application, partners get the best exposure and VMware's highest standard. The VMware Ready qualification logo demonstrates the highest level and quality of support.

In order to provide the best serviceswe have developed a committed business policy that unconditionally complies with fair and ethical business practices, respects people and cares for the environment.

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